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VIRIDIS is a family-owned real estate development team, focused on socially relevant and environmentally responsible living spaces that appeal to unique individuals.

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VIRIDIS-Corporate-LogoCorporate Logo

VIRIDIS is a company focused on location. The VIRIDIS icon is a modern, enclosed V, representing community and symbolizing a location marker. The type is clean, timeless and mimics the typeface of the V Mark.

VIRIDIS-Corporate-Business-SystemCorporate Business System

VIRIDIS builds properties that are sleek and modern, yet warm and inviting. Their business system mirrors this sentiment with contemporary design, using clean lines, bold textures and the V Mark as an accent element or repetitive pattern.

VIRIDIS-Responsive-Web-DesignMobile Responsive Website: viridisgroupaz.com

The VIRIDIS website highlights the latest residential projects and single-family units being built in the Phoenix metro area.