Top 2019 Social Media Trends to Watch

Whenever I talk to a potential client, they always want the magic formula to social media marketing, a step-by-step guide to success. It usually sounds something like, “Don’t I just have to create a Facebook page and post 2-3 three times a week to get a whole bunch of followers and sell a whole bunch of my products?” While there is no “just” to social media, there are certain 2019 social media trends that, if taken advantage of, can help increase the efficacy of your digital marketing efforts this year.

Move Over, Television – Mobile Video Is Taking Over!

According to a recent study by measurement company Zenith Media, it is estimated that consumers will spend more time online than watching television … for the first time ever! Of the estimated 2.6 hours spent online daily, they estimate that about 45 minutes of that time will be spent watching mobile videos. Because of this, you can expect to see marketers spend more resources, and ad dollars, on social content.

I recommend that all brands review and update their YouTube and IGTV strategies for this coming year to make sure they are taking advantage of this trend.

People Want Live Video – And They Want It to Be Authentic

Live video is not new to the market, but it’s certainly easier to create it than it used to be. With apps like Instagram and Facebook adding live video features, more and more brands are using it to connect with their audiences. There is a natural risk associated with live video – things may go off script, your technology may fail and your toddlers may interrupt your live BBC World broadcast. But these risks lend an unparalleled authenticity to live video that can build trust and loyalty with your target audiences.

I recommend deciding as a brand if the potential benefits of brand loyalty and engagement outweigh the risks of not appearing perfectly polished. If they do, don’t wait until next year to incorporate this 2019 trend into your social media marketing strategy. Check out my quick guide to Facebook Live to get you started.

Image Source: Recode and Zenith

Brands That Embrace Emerging Technologies Will “Win”

The social media landscape is crowded and very noisy. I predict that the brands that will stand out in 2019 will be those that can create unique experiences for their audiences using emerging technologies like 3D imagery, as well as augmented and virtual reality. A great example of this is the Weather Channel which used augmented reality to demonstrate the power of the then-forthcoming Hurricane Florence. This video quickly went viral and highlighted the true risks for those who decided not to evacuate.

Like with most emerging technologies, there can be a steep learning curve when learning how to use these kinds of visuals effectively. Our integrated marketing agency in Arizona, comprising experts in social media, creative, video production and more, can be the ace in your marketing deck as you work to jump on these 2019 social media trends.