These are a few of my favorite memes

As a communications pro, it’s my job to effectively express myself, my clients and various brand messaging through eloquent prose. The pen (or more accurately, the keyboard) is my sword and I use it daily to fight for media coverage and increased positive awareness for my clients. It’s called public relations and you can read all about it here.

But at times, I just can’t find the right words to fully express myself. Sometimes, only a meme will do.

So, have fun and learn a little more about me – your friendly BIG YAM Communications Account Manager. And think about how better communication, in both written and graphic form, can help tell your brand story.

Cheering on Company Culture

I don’t do “sports.” As much as I want to take part in Monday morning water cooler conversations about the big game this weekend, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Mention a player’s name and it’s likely I’ll think you’re talking about a new client.

At BIG YAM we have a great company culture that includes things like fantasy leagues, March Madness brackets, bowling teams and cornhole tournaments. And while I think this is AMAZING, the in-office massages and potlucks are much more my speed. I do enjoy the annual agency outing to catch a Spring Training game. I mean, what’s not to love about beautiful weather, fresh air, a beer and hot dogs?

Multitask Marketing

In PR we wear a lot of hats. Our job is so much more than drafting a press release, or as many like to imagine it, glamorously attending a red carpet event. Our responsibilities include drafting a client’s talking points and social media content to managing interviews and crisis situations. The BIG YAM communications team really does it all.

Success In Media Relations

Public relations is about garnering earned media versus paid advertising. It’s our job to develop brand messaging and company stories that are valuable to our client’s target audience and, importantly, interesting to the producer or reporter we’re pitching.

This process can be quick, like making a major news announcement. It can also take time to develop. I once worked with a reporter on a story for four months before he agreed to interview my clients. It turned out to be fantastic coverage and was a good reminder that PR isn’t always a quick fix for brand awareness.

There are no guarantees in the world of earned media and, at times, we have to work REALLY hard to get clients recognized. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but the more difficult the project, the better it feels when that coverage finally comes through.

Full Service Marketing Firms

Working at an agency isn’t for everyone. Some people are more suited for in-house work or nonprofit marketing gigs. For me, the fast pace and varied client mix at BIG YAM means there’s never a dull moment on the “Comms Squad.” And I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you are interested in learning how we can enhance your company’s communications strategy and brand messaging, contact us today.