Scary Digital Marketing Statistics for 2018

Advertising channels are being controlled by fewer and fewer players. Users are growing increasingly wary of privacy and advertising tactics. Digital marketing statistics show that the online landscape continues to grow but is becoming increasingly competitive.

It can be outright spooky. Luckily, we have some tips to guide you through the evolving digital marketing environment.

Digital Advertising Spend

Digital Ad Spend by Channel 2018

The Trick:

Digital ads are now the largest part of advertising spend in the U.S. While the dollars are there, many brands are still feeling out how to best utilize these channels.

The Treats:

  • Play to the strengths of mobile, particularly for localized relevance and speaking to customers’ in-the-moment decisions.
  • Mobile may take the lion’s share of digital ad dollars, but consider how it performs for your vertical. Some brands fare better on desktop for their product or service.
  • Recognize that traditional advertising is still a major factor. Mobile ads are outpacing TV this year, but barely. Look at how tried and true channels are in your media mix.

Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing Statistics 2018

The Trick:

Email marketing can be a top performer, yet brands often rely on a generic, broadcast-style approach to hit peoples’ inboxes.

The Treats:

  • Don’t rely on impersonal emails to sell your product or service. Your most engaged audiences respond best when recognized individually.
  • Current tools make it extremely easy to integrate personalized components to your email marketing program. In addition to using customer names and locality, email content can be customized based on their browsing or shopping habits.
  • Small changes can have big impacts on click-through rates and conversions. Be sure to test everything from subject lines and opening greetings to content imagery and calls to action.

Search Engine Ranking For Visibility

Search Results Clickthrough Stats by Position 2018

The Trick:

Organic search click-through rates drop sharply beyond the first few results. This effect is compounded for result pages with rich snippets, local entries, and other custom results.

The Treats:

  • Look at click-through rates versus volume as a way of prioritizing keywords for your SEO strategy. Better a low-volume keyword people see and click than a vanity keyword that lives outside of viability.
  • Page 2 of search results may be “the best place to hide a dead body” but it can also be a sign of progress. Monitor keyword progress from SEO investment as you rise toward the goal of page 1 results

The Google Search Monopoly

Search Engine Result Statistics 2018

The Trick:

While brands like Amazon and Facebook rise in search relevance, Google continues to dominate all things search. 

The Treats:

  • Diversify optimizations to make the most of Google’s (and other’s) search approaches — web pages, images, videos, local businesses, and more.
  • Consider intent for each channel. Amazon may not have the volume of Google, but the user mindset is much more transactional.

Social Media Ads – The Good and the Bad

Social Media Ad Spend Statistics 2018

The Trick:

Social media continues to be a strong marketing environment, even as top players face hurdles in growth and consistency. 

The Treats:

  • Social media is increasingly fractured and volatile. Don’t just lean on the top outlets — when determining ad strategy, a diverse portfolio of marketing channels can help you weather the ups and downs. 
  • Consider demographics — younger audiences are more likely to avoid Facebook and instead be active on Instagram and Snapchat, and emerging platforms like TikTok.

Looking Forward

Don’t let the digital marketing statistics scare you. The data can provide useful direction on how to approach your digital marketing in 2018 and beyond. By making smart decisions on how to amplify your brand online, you can make the most of these channels and avoid the pitfalls that can doom you.

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