Top 2019 Public Relations Trends & Predictions

The start of a new year presents the opportunity to shift your personal and professional goals. This is especially true for professional industries like public relations. As trends change, it affects how we go about our daily lives as communications pros. Looking ahead to the exciting year to come, here are a few of our predictions for 2019 public relations trends.

Content Marketing Will Reign Supreme

Amber Liptai, Director of Communications

While content marketing itself is not new, it is playing an increasingly important role in communications strategies. The days of only using traditional PR methods, like press release writing and straight media pitching, are coming to an end. PR pros are now responsible for providing content across various platforms, including blogs, social media, newsletters and more. The press release is by no means “dead” as some like to imply, but it is playing a smaller role.

Instead, expect to see a shift in focus. With shrinking newsrooms and more opportunities for submitted content, producers and journalists need more than just a story idea. Blog writing and byline articles will become standard practice with a goal of providing value to clients, their target audiences and the media.

Media Will Look to PR Pros for Visual, Creative & Accurate Content

Rebecca Dantuano, Communications Coordinator

Due to limited staff and resources for media, an important public relations trend in 2019 will be to make client coverage as easy as possible. With overloaded inboxes, media pros will look to the PR industry to provide visual, creative and accurate content they can trust.

Let’s be honest, the likelihood of broadcast media attending every press conference, ribbon cutting or public event is slim. In order to get coverage, PR pros will need to go above and beyond the status quo. Shooting your own b-roll, interviews and photos whenever possible to provide to the outlets will become common practice.

When it comes to more traditional coverage like print and digital articles, journalists are relying on a partnership when developing a story. Your local writers are wearing multiple hats. The more you can do to support them, the more willing they will be to cover your client. Simple but time-consuming tasks like industry research and story imagery can be the deciding factor in whether or not a story idea gets picked up. Be thorough in your pitches and limit the amount of follow up needed. It will go a long way when building a rapport with journalists.

Companies Will Voice Their Opinions on Prominent Social & Political Issues

Curtis Steinhoff, VP of Communications

As social presence and brand influences grow, more companies are voicing their opinions in hopes of inspiring change. In the new year, we foresee more companies will continue to take a position on social and political issues. This will be done primarily through social media and corporate social responsibility programs. Many companies, including Patagonia, are donating the windfall from President Trump’s tax cuts to social causes. In Patagonia’s case, they used their donation to call attention to climate change and the environment – two issues that are very important to their customer base. Watch for more companies to voice their beliefs in the public sphere.

Public Relations Trends in 2019

While these are just a few of our 2019 PR predictions, you can expect more changes in the months to come. It is important to have a comprehensive communications strategy in place to account for the shifting landscape of the industry. If you’re not sure how to navigate the changing tide of PR, take a look at the many ways the BIG YAM communications team can help make this year the best one yet.