Making the Phone Ring More Often Using PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google or Bing’s search results page is a great way to bring potential customers to a website. But ultimately, traffic to the website is not enough. Businesses want new customers, and they also need to know that their advertising is working effectively by adding to the bottom line.

Website Forms – The Up Side

The most common method used to track lead generation from search ad to website to bottom line has traditionally been through website ‘forms.’ These are filled out by potential customers, then followed up with a phone call from the sales department. These forms have a terrific upside. They are easy to implement and very easy to track back to the keyword the customer searched on and even the ad that was clicked to bring the visitor to the site. It is also very easy to optimize the keywords and ads to generate more visits to the website, increasing the likelihood a form will be completed.

Website Forms – The Dark Side

The downside? Those that have the time to fill out a form and wait for a reply generally aren’t customers with a lot of urgency to complete the sale. Studies have shown that phone calls are at least 35% more likely to convert into an actual sale than a lead from a web form. The problem is that it takes a bit more time and effort to track phone calls back to an online search campaign. The good news is that it is possible, and the extra effort pays off.

Opt for the Latest

The latest call tracking technology does not use simple static tracking numbers on the landing page of the website. Instead, visitors who come to the website through a pay-per-click campaign see a unique number dynamically inserted into each page of the website from a pool of numbers assigned just for that advertising campaign. When the telephone number is called, a telephone call “conversion” is recorded and immediately attributed to the keyword and ad that generated the call. With this data, the PPC campaign can be optimized to generate more visits from visitors who are more likely to make phone calls.

More visits from these searchers translate into more calls which turn into real customers that add to the bottom line. When you are ready to make your phone ring more frequently, don’t hesitate to call us.