Client: Luna Valencia

Deliverables: Branding and Website

Illuminating progress

Luna Valencia Strategy Group (LVSG) was established in 2017 to provide strategic consulting and advisory services for organizations seeking to enhance their outreach and diversity and inclusion initiatives. With a focus on developing strategies, not creative solutions, they work with companies to create collaborative leadership that understands diverse market segments, building authentic relationships between brands and people.

LVSG needed to build their own brand and establish a presence in the marketplace. They approached BIG YAM, challenging us to create a logo, business cards, letterhead and website that clearly demonstrated their complex purpose. We started by creating a simple logo that tells a simple story: Luna Valencia illuminates positive change in the companies they serve, helping them reach their full potential. This is represented in the circles of the logo, highlighting the phases of the moon going from dark to light, new to full. We incorporated the logo into a simple, one-page website showcasing the company goals with the logo serving as a visual device to represent change and forward momentum.

The Work

Business Cards