Client: Cruise America

Deliverable: Website

Simplifying the Journey.

As the nation’s largest RV rental firm, Cruise America has over 132 locations in 33 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces. Due to their size and dual-country coverage, they also had four websites: Cruise America’s website and mobile site, along with Cruise Canada’s website and mobile site. They were looking for a streamlined approach that integrated their reservation system, sales inventory and rental locations into one seamless website. Starting by developing a customer journey map, our Scottsdale advertising agency filled content gaps that simplified the process for the customer and made it a breeze to browse used RVs for sale or rent an RV. In fact, shortly after the new website launched, Cruise Amer/buy-used-rvsica’s online bookings exceeded their phone bookings for the first time ever.

The Work

Customer Journey
Design and Build