Client: Browne Law Group

Deliverable: Advertising Campaign

Ditch the B.S. Circus

If you get injured, you may find that typical personal injury attorneys tend to play games with their clients—not returning your calls, passing your case around, even dropping your case altogether—it can become a circus of B.S. But when you work with personal injury attorney Byron Browne, he cuts through the B.S. with his brutally honest personality and warm Canadian charm. He builds trust with his clients by devoting himself to their cases from start to finish. In every sense of the phrase, he is The Anti-Lawyer Lawyer.

After BIG YAM brought Byron’s larger-than-life personality into the spotlight with The Anti-Lawyer Lawyer campaign, we launched a follow-up campaign in which he declares war on the “B.S. Circus,” helping his clients defeat the circus-like games they encounter with other attorneys.

The Work

Commercial - Down-a-Clown
Commercial - Whack-a-Ttourney
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