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Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Phoenix Children’s Hospital launches a campaign each September to drive donations for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. They asked us to create a compelling logo, tagline, and campaign that creates a sense of urgency and a clear call-to-action to support their fundraising goals. We used shocking before-and-after visuals to quickly demonstrate the effect that donations can have in taking kids from the hospital back to the normal childhoods they deserve. We’re proud to say that not only did the foundation meet their fundraising goal of $1 million, they exceeded it, raising over $1.8 million.​

Phoenix Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Campaign Logo by BIG YAM
Logo & Tagline
Take her from radiation to recital print ad by BIG YAM
Print Ad
Take her from chemotherapy to kindergarten ad by BIG YAM
Facebook Ad
Take Him from Surgery to Soccer Billboard ad by BIG YAM
Billboard Ad