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Paid Search Advertising – A Powerful Tool

Paid search advertising offers a number of advantages for advertisers looking for leads, online sales or in-store visits. For those not familiar, paid search ads appears on results pages of a search engine search, like Google or Bing. Most frequently they appear to the top or to the right of the organic or natural, unpaid search results. Search engines serve relevant search ads to potential buyers as they are actively searching for the advertised products or services. You can tailor your ads to cater to the intent of the searcher. This is true whether they are in the initial discovery or research mode about a category of product or in the final stages of comparison shopping and ready to purchase.

This ability to advertise to potential buyers throughout the entire sales funnel is unique to paid online search advertising. You can accomplish this by using both non-branded, generic keywords like “personal injury attorneys,” along with brand keywords such as “Dewey, Cheatham and Howe PC.” In the initial phases of research, potential customers will use broader keywords. When they are ready to buy, they tend to search branded keywords.

Track and target your advertising accurately

Paid search advertising is also highly trackable. With “conversion tracking” enabled on a website, you can make direct links between sales and leads to the keywords and ads involved in the transaction, allowing for refinement and optimization of the keywords and ad text used. You can also test landing pages for the ads and optimize them as well based on the data collected. Ultimately, marketers like us use the data collected to make the advertising more effective, with the goal of increasing the return on ad spend as much as possible.

Paid search advertising is targetable. Not only are ads shown only to those actively searching for the product or service, but search engines also let you target ads geographically as well. Campaigns can show to searchers throughout the world or to specific countries, states or cities. And you never have to worry about wasting your advertising dollars by serving ads to those outside of the intended area. Paid search pros can also target ads to specific devices,  to a certain degree. Using bid adjustments by device and other tactics, ads can be served to the device, (phone, desktop or tablet) that has shown the greatest promise of resulting in a conversion. Paid search managers can also schedule ads to only show at certain times of the day or night, optimizing their impact.

Part of an integrated digital strategy

Search advertising can also begin to show results very quickly. It’s not a substitute for SEO techniques that can raise the organic search result rankings on search engine results pages. Instead, the two work together synergistically. When both are used simultaneously, you can expect an increase in both traffic and conversions beyond merely adding together the increase of the two strategies.

Most importantly, paid search advertising is very often scalable. Say you have a positive return on ad spend achieved through campaign refinements. It is frequently possible to continue adding additional budget as long as ROI is positive. This can continue as long as all the search traffic on converting keywords has been captured.

Paid search advertising blues? BIG YAM can help!

BIG YAM has the distinction of having earned our status as a Google Partner agency. We have demonstrated to Google our ability to create and sustain high-performing Google AdWords campaigns. Our industry experts are certified in all five areas of Google advertising. If you would like to have your current paid search advertising campaigns evaluated, or simply want more information on getting started with a new paid search campaign, contact BIG YAM today.