Case Study: PXG


PXG is a luxury brand that designs and develops the world’s finest golf equipment for golfers seeking unparalleled quality and performance from their clubs.


As a new brand in the golf industry, PXG needed to build awareness fast in a saturated marketplace with many established, mainstream players that already have a strong reputation and advocacy. Add to that a distribution plan that omits big box and lower-end retail and green grass establishments, and you have a very unique challenge.


Launch and position PXG as the leader in luxury and innovation in the golf equipment space.


While many golf companies are driven by the bottom line, PXG is driven by a singular mission: To make the world’s finest golf equipment. Period. PXG differentiates itself with a development process that allows their product and design engineers unlimited time, money and resources to ensure the best product possible. Utilizing these unique factors, BIG YAM and PXG collaborated to develop a brand that stands out against the established players.


PXG is defined visually with distinctive studio and environmental photography, shot in black and white, designed to showcase the product in a luxurious and sexy way and reveal the strength and character of its PGA Tour players. The look parallels the unique characteristics of the product, separating it from the competition.
Given the positive impact that his service in the U.S Marine Corps had on PXG’s owner, Bob Parsons, the brand pays respect to the military through the numbers and naming of the clubs as well as the logo design. The PXG logo is simple, elegant, strong and unique, linearly mimicking military ranking insignia. The PXG clubs are named and numbered after the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) coding system, which categorizes career fields.
Although deadly serious about club design and performance, PXG’s voice carries a level of wit and cleverness that makes brand communication unique in the golf space. Outspoken and blunt, yet debonair with a sharp sense of humor. The personality is evident and consistent at every touchpoint.


Logo, branding, website, naming, integrated campaigns, search, and social media.


In less than two years, PXG has disrupted the golf world with their unrivaled innovation and distinctive brand. They are exceeding sales goals and have expanded into a global entity, offering products in 22 countries and sponsoring 13 professional players on the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour.