Case Study: ACPE


The Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education is a state agency whose mission is to expand access to and increase success in postsecondary education. The commission works to educate parents, grandparents, soon-to-be mothers and fathers and family members about the benefits of AZ529 college savings plans.


The Commission wanted to upgrade its standard holiday campaign that was aimed at those wanting to take advantage of year-end tax donations by contributing to a 529 plan and “giving the gift of education.”


To communicate the benefits of the 529 college savings plan. The secondary goal was to exceed the previous year’s downloads of the College Savings Planner of 109. The College Savings Planner was used as an indicator of a person’s likelihood of opening/contributing to a plan.


The team went deeper into what it meant to “give the gift of education” and came up with a creative concept that showcased the potential that can be unwrapped through education by highlighting a variety of careers.


We knew that the best way to reach our target audiences was through a digitally-focused campaign. Based on the chosen media environment, we knew we had a short window to show the positive impact to a child’s life that a 529 plan can provide. We came up with a quick hitting visual execution that shows the present-day child opening a gift, with the potential future child’s career hand drawn over the image. The careers were chosen to have a broad educational level and appeal to a variety of audiences. The focus went from the gift of education to investing in a child’s dreams and future success.


Create three different children profiles/careers – for the below ads:

  • Display Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Pandora Ads + audio script
  • Facebook Cover


During the one-month campaign, the refreshed holiday creative – utilized across multiple digital platforms – garnered the following results YOY:

  • Planner Downloads +684%
  • Site Traffic +175%
  • Clicks to provider sites +321%