If you want to communicate with the most effective creative strategy, it helps to have some insight about your audience. BIG YAM is committed to finding and developing this insight, and we have a variety of research methods to help you get there.

Our research methods are customizable to suit your needs, from surveys and focus groups to on-location intercept teams or all-encompassing brand audits—we’ll do whatever it takes to get the answers and insights to move the needle for your business. 


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Focus Groups

Conduct your market research from the comfort of BIG YAM’s state-of-the-art focus group facility, available to both our clients and outside companies. Our conference room seats up to 25, with an adjacent viewing room (behind a one-way mirror) that seats 10. Sessions can be recorded with video and audio, or live streamed. Whether you need assistance coordinating moderators for your session, or if you simply require the use of our meeting rooms using your own moderators, we can help.

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Research Opportunities

Usability Testing (UX/UI)

Testing to determine the extent to which a software product is understandable, easy to use, appeals to consumers and matches the company’s business objectives.

Advertising Evaluation & Tracking

Analyzing advertising effectiveness in-market to monitor a brand’s performance via awareness, attitude, competition and product trial.

New Product or Product Line Testing

Using discussions and presentations to evaluate the need for or effectiveness of a new product, covering weaknesses in the current market to product communications, pricing and reviews.

Customer Experience Testing

Evaluating a company’s product, service or product experience to understand if it meets the intended needs of the customer.

Brand Awareness Testing & Tracking

Measuring the overall awareness of a specific brand, analyzing its benefits, personality and category, along with perceptions and attitudes concerning brand recall.

Concept Testing

Evaluating a consumer’s response to a product, ad campaign, brand identity or service idea prior to its design and launch into the marketplace.

Commercial/TV Show Screening & Testing

Preview screenings prior to general release to gauge audience reaction and reception via questionnaires, scoring systems and discussions.

Taste Panel Testing

Sensory evaluation and analysis to produce productive feedback on taste, smell, touch and presentation of food and beverages.

Viewing room for focus groups


  • The focus group room seats up to 25 and can be reconfigured for smaller groups and one-on-one sessions.
  • Client viewing/control room with one-way mirror seating 10.
  • Three ceiling-retractable microphones for a total of seven microphone sources for recording audio in the room.
  • Five cameras strategically spaced throughout the room with remote Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and Focus control.
  • Four receivers with earpieces for client audio monitoring.
  • Wireless in-ear monitoring system allows for secure communication from client to moderator.
  • Video and audio control system with four-camera simultaneous recording via a NewTek Tricaster 8000.
  • Two 49″ monitors for real-time client viewing.
  • 100″ TV monitor in main room with HDMI, studio and dedicated computer connections.
  • Live streaming capabilities.
Cafe and lounge area


  • Service kitchen (not including a stove/oven).
  • Comfortable lounge area.
  • Secure entrance and front desk.
  • Large cafe/lounge seating up to 25.

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Brand surveys help you understand how your brand is perceived by current and prospective customers, employees, and the general public. Surveys can help measure brand awareness, loyalty and recall, shopping habits and media consumption, demographics and more. We can conduct surveys via direct mail, e-mail, phone, or online, depending on your needs.

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Brand Audit

A brand audit may sound scary, but it’s essentially like taking your brand to the doctor for a checkup. BIG YAM will provide a detailed analysis of your brand in its current state: its strengths, weaknesses, perceptions, and opportunity areas that can be addressed to help it better connect with your audience and grow your bottom line.

This process includes conducting employee, customer and stakeholder interviews to gain a better understanding of how your brand is viewed inside and out. We also provide a competitive analysis of brands in your industry, positioning you in the marketplace, and more importantly, determining how we can help you stand out. We conduct demographic studies using Hitwise, a comprehensive audience insight tool that helps us understand your customers in extraordinary detail. Once we have concluded our research, we deliver our findings, insights and recommendations that set the platform for your brand promise, mission and vision, building your brand and keeping your future messaging in line with your business goals.

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Intercept Teams

Intercept interviews are focused surveys that capture data with customers while they are in their element. Our experienced team develops questionnaires that give us insights into purchase decisions, customer experience, and their desires and needs. These quick, impromptu interviews give unfiltered access to the customer mindset and can augment your current data set to help optimize your brand experience for the people you want to reach.

BIG YAM has an exclusive partnership with YAM Worldwide retail properties, including Westgate, giving us access to a broad and deep demographic that can be further honed to align with your goals.

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