Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising

It goes by a bunch of different names. Some call it PPC, others use the term “paid search advertising” and others just call it AdWords or Bing search ads. No matter what you call it, advertising on Google or Bing search results pages can mean either more cost efficient leads for your business and greater online sales, or it can be an expensive and messy lesson in economics.

The focus of BIG YAM’s pay-per-click team is on creating PPC advertising campaigns with as high of a return as possible on every advertising dollar spent, and the team has the experience and qualifications to make it happen. Our Phoenix PPC advertising agency has earned the coveted Google Partner badge, demonstrating that we have the knowledge and practical experience in managing Google AdWords and YouTube Video ads in a way that delivers results and satisfies our clients.

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"We’ve really enjoyed having BIG YAM manage our AdWords campaigns. Their PPC management team has delivered consistent and measurable improvements in account performance, and we’ve seen outstanding results for our budget. Within 4 months of managing our PPC campaign, our conversion rate increased by 357% and our cost per conversion decreased by 88%!"

- Candy Parker, Communications Director, Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale

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