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5 Reasons Why Ad Agencies Should Take Better Care of Their Own Brands

This blog is for our fellow agency folks. We know how you work – long days of deliverables to the client and pending deadlines breathing down your neck. But what most of us fail at is treating our own agency, its brand and reputation as another living, breathing client. Think about it – where does your work, your team and your overall agency reputation fall when compared to other agencies in the market?

It’s no secret that reputation management can be a lot of work and takes efforts from the entire organization. And that it’s always better and smarter to develop any plan or strategy up front. If you haven’t taken the time to step back and assess your own agency reputation and brand, there is no better time than the present.

Treat your agency like you would any other client by setting attainable goals and objectives and giving deadlines to the tactics and deliverables. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed and will show the world that you, in fact, know what you are doing. By sharing timely news, positioning your executive team and department heads as the go-to experts in the industry or simply showing off your agency’s work, you are demonstrating that your agency’s work is impactful and measurable – making it much easier to sell your services and products.

Below are five reasons to take control of your agency reputation now:

1) Give your current customers or clients confidence in your work

This is particularly true as you establish your agency as the “go-to” in the market. When current clients see their agency and agency team in the news – as the experts – they are going to place more value in your work and relationship expertise.

2) Support your agency’s business development strategy

Just as we want current clients to value our expertise, we want to also impress prospective clients. If your brand is top of mind (and top of their search results), you’re going to be in a much better position to capture their attention.

3) Re-energize your internal teams

Everyone wants to work at the “place to be.” When you are outstanding in your field and your work and efforts are consistently featured in industry or general media, the buzz generated within the agency helps to build a solid army of brand ambassadors. Recognition and awards are a shared experience and can help foster strong internal team bonds and reduce turnover.

4) Put those riskier or offbeat tactics to use

We all have “those” ideas. Ideas that push the envelope and are a little outside of the box. And, in the end, we often take those ideas off the table knowing that our clients, especially those that are more conservative, would never go for it in a million years. But, if we are the client, we may be more willing to take on a more radical campaign.

5) You’ll thank yourself (and maybe even be a hero!)

The worst time to try to develop a plan and process for reputation management is when you absolutely need it — preparing and planning ahead of time are key. Whether its handling agency scrutiny or taking advantage of a huge agency “win,” we all know it is much easier and much more effective to be prepared. Plus, you’ll be a hero when you act fast and shine a positive spotlight on your agency.