YouTube TrueView Ads: Are They Right for You?

If you spend much time watching YouTube, you’ve certainly run across them before – video ads that start up just before the video you clicked on begins. After five seconds, you have the opportunity to skip the ad or continue watching it, if it has captured your interest. Because you’re able to skip them, the ads aren’t terribly annoying. Google calls these skippable ads TrueView ads. The great thing about them is Google only charges advertisers for videos that are viewed for at least 30 seconds (or the entirety of the ad, if it’s shorter than 30 seconds).

You Should Consider Advertising on YouTube. Here’s Why.

On YouTube, there are plenty of opportunities to advertise – 300 hours of new video content are uploaded every minute, and 5 billion videos are watched every single day. The content is as varied as the people who watch it. There are sports training videos, unboxing videos, music videos, VLOGs and comedy – enough variety to keep most anyone entertained and informed.

YouTube also has some great ways of getting your business or organization’s TrueView ad in front of the right audience. You can target affinity audiences, a subset of YouTube viewers who have a strong interest in topics that may be relevant to those who want to buy your product or service. There are even pre-defined in-market audiences who are actively looking to buy things. If there is an in-market audience that matches your offerings, this could be a highly effective way to advertise. And, if you have good evidence that viewers of certain video content would be interested in what you sell, you can use placements to show your ads on specific YouTube Channels and videos. You can do this as long as the video content creators have agreed to allow advertising to be shown on their channels.

Before You Make the Leap, Here’s What You Need to Know

With fine-tuned audience targeting and so many pairs of eyes viewing all those videos, should you be advertising on YouTube too? Perhaps. Before you dive in, you’ll need to define your marketing goals. With these in hand, you’ll be able to pinpoint your key indicators for success. This will help you flesh out a solid strategy in creating your video ad and targeting it to the proper audience.

Another question to ask yourself — can you create an ad that engages your audience in under five seconds? If not, you’ll find that everyone skips as soon as the opportunity comes up. Of course, once you capture your audience’s attention, make sure the rest of the ad is engaging as well, while also supporting the goals of your campaign. It sounds like a tall order, but thankfully you could have the aid of the experienced video production team at the BIG YAM Agency to help you be successful.

And what about cost? The good news is that creating an effective video ad does not have to be prohibitively expensive. And each view of a TrueView ad can be very affordable. In many cases, views can cost less than 20¢ each, though it does depend on the audience you’re trying to reach. Those prices are hard to beat when compared to television commercials, especially when you consider that YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any single broadcast or cable TV network.

YouTube TrueView Ads

Wading into the world of video advertising may fill you with angst, but YouTube TrueView ads could pay off very well for your company’s bottom line. If you are interested, but still don’t quite know how to begin, let the team at BIG YAM help you out. We have expertise in both video creation and YouTube TrueView advertising. We are always here, ready to take your call!