Understanding the Relationship Between Brand Awareness and Search Engine Optimization

Brand awareness is not something to take lightly, especially regarding search engine optimization. Repeatedly, I have seen companies try to apply SEO to their company’s website, or client’s website(s), without knowing and understanding their brand. That’s essentially the same as trying to row a boat up a creek without a paddle – it just doesn’t work. Throughout this short guide, I will explain why it is so important to understand everything you can about a brand before applying SEO.

Getting to Know the Brand

As expected, you are going to know your brand much better than I do. Similarly, your clients will know their brand better than you do. That is just the way of the world. Now, what does that mean for you? Simple. Learn the brand! There are several ways to do so, such as:

  • Ask current employees about the brand
  • Perform keyword research about the brand
  • If available, check out the social media accounts of the brand
  • Apply your existing knowledge of the brand

There are many other ways to get to know your client’s brand, but these are a few of the strategies I find most helpful when taking on a new client and applying SEO. Let’s keep in mind, if SEO is done correctly, the brand should start to carry more of the share of voice (SOV) of that specific market. In other words, the brand will begin to appear more frequently in search engine results pages (e.g., Google, Bing, etc.) for more user search queries.

No Question is a Bad Question

As you begin thinking about the brand, is there anyone better to ask than the people who work for that brand? I don’t think so. Maybe you speak with the customer service team, who is constantly answering questions from those asking about the brand. Or, you can ask the sales team. The sales team, also known as the business development team, is typically the most informed bunch. How can they pitch a product or service if they don’t know everything there is to know about the brand? Long story short, they usually can’t. Therefore, having conversations with either of these groups is certain to be beneficial.

Above is a short list of some of the most popular questions one of our clients, Cruise America, sees. As we look to apply SEO to questions like the ones above, our goal is to receive the appropriate answers from Cruise America, in addition to doing our own market research to fully understand the answer of each question. By doing so, we can create the right type of content that search engines will find relevant for a user’s search query.

Keyword Research

One of the most important SEO tasks to complete when getting to know a new brand is keyword research. What is keyword research? I’m glad you asked! Keyword research is the process in which you will determine the main keywords that a brand ranks for or should rank for. Some of my favorite tools to use for keyword research are AHREFS and SEMrush.

As you’re completing keyword research, you will also want to focus on the competition. For example, if you are aware of who your competition is, it’s easy to plug them into the keyword gap tool in SEMrush. This will provide you with a list of keywords you are ranking for, as well as your competitor’s list. Now that you know who is ranking for specific keywords, you can determine where you could be doing better and make the appropriate adjustments.

Keyword relevancy is extremely important, so don’t take it lightly. As a brand, you want to rank for more keywords that showcase your company, and the best way to do so is with deep keyword research and analysis.

Maybe this sounds like a bit too much work? Don’t sweat it. At BIG YAM, our team can knock this out for you in a quick, efficient and effective manner. You’ll be ranking for keywords you didn’t even know were possible in no time at all.

Social Media

Nowadays, social media is typically the number one source that companies use to increase brand awareness. So why not leverage that with SEO? Some of the most notable questions are asked on social media, meaning you could add even more keywords to your list. Plus, it’s always good practice to sync up the content calendar on social media with the content on the website, and now that your list of keywords is getting bigger, your content calendar will become more robust!

Social media is not necessarily where you will be applying your SEO, but once again, the better you understand a brand, the better you can optimize your strategy for keyword implementation and ranking efforts. Use social media to help round out your understanding of a brand and you’re bound to find SEO success.

Take the Internet by STORM

Search engine optimization depends on so many variables. Yet, the one companies seem to leave out the most is brand awareness. You MUST know the brand if you want to be able to implement SEO in a way that will be effective. Sure, you can get lucky with a keyword here and there if you ignore SEO, but that next day, someone else might swoop in and steal every keyword you should have gone after but never did.

The best way to go about performing SEO is to start with getting to know the brand. Plain and simple. If this is something you may not have time for, or simply don’t feel comfortable doing, we are more than happy to help. Our Scottsdale advertising agency is ready to take on your project. We will not only elevate the awareness of your brand, but we will make it stress-free for you while doing so.