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4 Tips for A Successful Satellite Media Interview

Comms Squad, BIG YAM Communications Team / 3.22.2017

As PR professionals, we’ve all been faced with the opportunity to pitch a client or product outside of our local market, to reach across the region or nation. Before you jump at the chance to put your client on a satellite media tour, take a few minutes to think about how it’s going to look and how visually appealing your pitch is. More than 10 years in television news and almost equal time in public relations has given me some great insights on do’s and don’ts.  Here are a few tips I think will make your satellite opportunity go more smoothly and ultimately be more desirable to the media.

Make Sure the Story is Relevant, Wherever You’re Pitching

Make sure your story or pitch is relevant to everyone you are talking to – not just your local market.  Now, that may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many times folks reach out to media with a story that is too “localized.” Remember, the key to getting any media interest is finding out why they would care. Do your research on individual producers and stations before sending that email or making that phone call.

Always Supply B-Roll

Never, and I mean never, offer a satellite interview with just a “talking head.”  Sometimes that means taking time to create a video if you don’t already have one on-hand. The more exciting the video, the better, and make sure it is long enough to “cover” during the interview segment.

Think About the Interview Background

Clean and simple. Those are two words to keep in mind when determining the backdrop of your interview. Busy patterns or monochromatic backgrounds, just like with clothing, take away from the message you are trying to convey.  Don’t ignore your brand and messaging, but keep in mind this isn’t NASCAR.

Check the Audio BEFORE You Go On-air

Yes, I know this seems like the job of the station doing the interview, but it’s important to take this portion of the task into your own hands. Even if the only time to chat with the producer or anchor is in a commercial break. Ask to check the audio prior to the interview. There’s nothing worse than watching someone struggle through an interview because the audio was off, or the IFB wasn’t working properly.

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While you wait for your satellinte media room, relax in the fully equipped green room at SNEAKY BIG Studios.

While you wait for your satellite media room, relax in the fully equipped green room at SNEAKY BIG Studios.

One of the two stages in SNEAKY BIG, both equipped for satellite media tours.

One of the two stages in SNEAKY BIG, both equipped for satellite media tours.