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Warm Up Your Leads With Retargeting Ads

BIG YAM / 8.24.2016

Retargeting – One of the latest buzzwords that we keep hearing will revolutionize how we market. Retargeting ads have been around for a while, and the big guys have been using it with great success. So how can your company use it in a successful marketing campaign? Read on!

How Retargeting Works

Retargeting Ads – What Are Those Exactly?

First, let’s define what retargeting is. Retargeting is the process by which ads are presented based on a user interacting with a campaign or web property on your website. My favorite retargeting example is with Zappos. You visit their site to look for a pair of shoes, and the next thing you know, you start seeing ads for those shoes on lots of your favorite non-Zappos websites. Zappos has set a “tracking cookie” on your browser and will have the ad networks serve up an ad for the product that you were interested in for the next 30, 60 or 90 days.

The Benefits

The important thing to realize about retargeting is that you need to have the customer engage with your website before you can implement retargeting on those visitors; this makes retargeting a supplemental marketing tactic, not a primary one.

The Psychology

Retargeting works on the basic principle that once you know about something, it seems it is everywhere. Think about the last time you bought a new car. It seemed like you never saw that new car before; then you bought it and now you see it everywhere. Retargeting plays into this mental phenomenon. The car was already popular; you just didn’t realize it. Retargeting makes it seem like the same phenomenon is at play, but in reality, we are marketing only to those that have expressed interest in our offering. Imagine how cool it is that you can keep your product or offering in front of a potential client that is a warm lead for the next 90 days!

So, how can your business implement retargeting successfully as part of a larger marketing campaign? That’s where we come in. Our experienced digital marketing team has worked with a variety of companies to engage consumers via retargeting. Contact us for more information.

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