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YAM Nuggets – Rebrands, Web Buttons

BIG YAM / 7.19.2016

Hungry for the latest industry news and trends? Tune in every Monday for YAM Nuggets, our expert take on a sampling of trending news in advertising, content marketing, social media, client relations, paid search and search engine optimization.

Marketing insights

Logo Design – The MasterCard Rebrand

Twitter is buzzing about MasterCard’s new logo, designed by the Pentagram team under the direction of Michael Bierut. BIG YAM Senior Graphic Designer Katie Blaker weighs in on the new design: “While the new logo is not groundbreaking, it does return to the original vision of the mark with an added freshness that has resulted in the best iteration of the MasterCard logo created to date.” What do you think of the new design? See it here:

Web Development – Links v. Buttons

“In HTML, there are two elements that are often mistakenly used for one another: links and buttons,” said BIG YAM Web Developer Pralie Dutzel. “Often times designs will feature call-to-action links that have the appearance of a button, but it’s our job as developers to ensure that we’re using the best element for the job.” This article by Marcy Sutton is a great write up describing the differences between these two elements and when to use which: https://marcysutton.com/links-vs-buttons-in-modern-web-applications/