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What You Wish You Knew About Real Estate PR

Amber Liptai, PR Account Manager / 5.18.2017

One of the best, and sometimes most challenging, things about working at an agency is having a wide variety of clients across many different industries. Throughout my public relations career, I’ve had to become an expert in everything from golf and dog agility to motorcycles and college savings accounts. Currently, I handle several real estate clients and this industry can require some creativity when it comes to maintaining ongoing media relations.

There are plenty of ways to positively raise brand awareness other than direct features on the community (it’s great by the way) or an op-ed about using a REALTOR® (a MUST when buying or selling). Below are a few ways we keep our real estate clients relevant and in the news.


Let Your Knowledge Show

Our clients are a deep well of knowledge, and a large portion of our strategy revolves around showcasing their expertise. Whether it’s in the form of an industry focused by-line or offering commentary on local or national housing news, we position them as go-to resources for media.

Be Trendy

Pay attention to what’s happening in your industry on both a national and local level, and then proudly jump on that bandwagon. Whether it’s providing trendy home décor tips courtesy of the community developer or a local REALTOR® discussing what’s happening in the housing market, this type of timely content can be utilized for media pitching, blogs and across social.

Get Creative

Let’s face it, most clients go through dry spells when there isn’t a lot of “news” to tell…and that’s where we come in. It’s our job to find ways to ensure our client remains top-of-mind, sometimes as a secondary component to the media coverage. One of my favorite things is working with the clubhouse chefs in our developments. While we aren’t promoting a restaurant – and in the case of our private communities, they aren’t even open to the public – having our chef share recipes is a great way to increase interest, and as an added bonus, the media clips are great for social sharing and SEO.

These are just a few ways we work to think outside what can be considered old-school PR to create engaging content and unique ways to connect our clients with the media. We consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ team and part of that is immersing ourselves in their business and staying on top of media and industry trends. If you are looking for an agency that will become a true partner, it’s time to call BIG YAM.