Real Estate Marketing Is Emotional

We have all seen those glossy real estate ads featuring beautiful people drinking picture-perfect cocktails, smiling in the golden hour light. We might read the snappy headline and entertain the thought, just for a moment, of what life would be like if we lived there.

How do we get people from the fleeting fantasy of the first look at the ad to take the next step with sincere intent?

Our full-service advertising agency in Scottsdale was approached by luxury residential development Luxian Scottsdale to create a social media marketing campaign, with the goal of creating awareness, driving traffic and leads and engaging potential customers. Our digital marketing team collaborated with our creative team to bring the campaign to life with compelling messaging and imagery — and a dose of emotion.

A Brain Game

In a 2013 study at Duke University, researchers found a connection between one’s emotions and how the brain calculates economic value, and that those feelings and values are calculated in the same specific area of the brain. Of course, marketers and ad agencies jumped on that train, and we’re still riding it years later — because it works!

The BIG YAM Approach

At BIG YAM we’re no strangers to emotional marketing, and we know it’s more than just strategy. To correctly approach an emotionally compelling campaign, we capitalize on the foundations of storytelling.

Our process always covers the basics, from analyzing the competition and studying the audience we want to target, to establishing a set of values that our client and their customers shared. For Luxian, we had different options for campaign design and messaging, positioning each idea to focus on different facets of the customer’s desires and needs.

Ultimately, we landed on the idea of attainability and accessibility. Using the slogan “Own the Scottsdale Life,” we wanted to 1.) let the audience know that they had access to all the great things the resort-centric City of Scottsdale has to offer them, and 2.) inspire them to engage with the brand and explore what their life could be like at Luxian Scottsdale.

The Campaign

Leveraging the Facebook carousel ad experience, we sought to pair images and words that would articulate the Luxian story.

Here is an example of one of the posts we created. The first image portrays the sentiment that we want to communicate: a sense of “home.” We chose a joyful image of a couple sharing a special moment, emphasizing the human desire to connect.

The second image, a rendering of the Luxian interior, helped link together “home as special moments” to “home as a special environment.” The pairing of images portrays Luxian as a place that 1.) is a perfect space to make your home, and 2.) has the amenities and features of a resort lifestyle (even if it is a second or part-time home.). We put luxury into reach by showing the fulfillment of both the human need of belonging and desire for attainable luxury.

Real Estate Marketing

Social media is one of the many ways you reach your target audiences with real estate marketing. For a holistic approach, consider adding other services likes digital marketing, public relations and media planning to your marketing toolkit. Check out some of the other work we’ve done for our real estate clients.