“How can you tell when a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving.”

While lawyer jokes are rarely worthy of a genuine LOL, they do a great job of reinforcing the stereotype that lawyers are … well, to put it mildly … scum-sucking bottom feeders. Add that notoriety to a market flooded with attorney ads and billboards trying to out-shout each other, and you’ll be praying you never actually need to contact an attorney at all. But the truth is, plenty of attorneys care about their clients and want to help them win settlements to bring them justice and peace of mind. No, really! Okay, well, there’s one for sure.

Byron Browne, Browne Law Group

Byron Browne is a personal injury attorney at Browne Law Group in Gilbert, AZ. He approached BIG YAM a few years ago wanting to know how he could stand out in the overcrowded injury attorney space. The fact that he walked in wearing a tank top, shorts and flip flops, with bulging muscles and head-to-toe tattoos, made it clear that standing out wouldn’t be an issue for him. Once we got to know Byron, we realized he has a heart of gold and is easy to talk to and trust; yet is cynical and untrusting of other lawyers in his field. We knew his looks, personality and general skepticism for his competitors would be the golden ticket to a campaign that gets noticed.

BIG YAM developed a persona and ad campaign rolled into one; combining Byron’s directness, sense of humor and disdain for other attorneys into a tagline and moniker that summed him right up: The Anti-Lawyer Lawyer. We created a TV spot and social media ads establishing Byron as The Anti-Lawyer Lawyer and destroying attorney clichés, and recently finished a follow-up campaign wherein Byron shows viewers the “B.S. Circus” they can expect if they hire a typical injury attorney.

Byron Browne with B.S. Circus TV commercial props, filmed at the SNEAKY BIG studio

Which brings us to some pointers on how you can help your brand stand out in a sea of sameness:


Stay well versed on your competitors and their marketing moves so you know where there’s a gap your brand positioning could fill. What do they do well? Where is their messaging lacking and in what ways can your message attract an audience that doesn’t connect with the other guys? In Byron’s case, it was painfully easy to point out the competition’s inadequacies. They lacked honesty, humility, self-awareness and warmth. Not to mention their overuse of stereotypical law office sets, suits and language that speaks at their audience rather than to them.


You must be different to get noticed, so think about what makes your brand truly unique and lead with it. In what ways do you take a different approach than your competitors? Does your company have a compelling origin story that sets you apart or helps you resonate with potential clients? We helped Byron Browne realize his whole persona was wildly different than that of his competitors; that he simply needed to tell his story to sell himself as the opposite of the other guys; aka “No-BS,” and “The Anti-Lawyer Lawyer,” proving that he understands his clients and is just as skeptical about lawyers as they are.


Once you catch your audience’s attention with your uniqueness, pique their interest with your offer. In the case of Byron Browne, he doesn’t just offer free consultations—which most personal injury attorneys also provide—he will drive to meet potential clients anywhere in Arizona to discuss their case. Unlike other law firms, Byron is also the main point of contact for his clients once he takes on their case. They don’t have to worry about getting their case getting passed around to other attorneys or paralegals at the firm. Byron gives them his cell number, so they know they’re dealing directly with him. Sometimes you can offer more just by being honest and living up to your promises. But going the extra mile to show your clients you care always sets you apart.

Looking for ideas to help your brand stand out? Give our Scottsdale ad agency a holler. We’ll find out what makes you unique and share your story with your world.