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Popcorn Thursdays and Other Office Fun

Nathan Atkinson, Software Engineer / 8.23.2017

We have more than our fair share of fun here at BIG YAM.  We’ve touched a bit on this with past blog posts – covering a picture day photoshoot, why it’s important to have fun at work, and perks for working at an ad agency.

One of the ways I help to contribute to this fun is by being part of our Culture Club.  The Culture Club plans and executes unique events and holiday celebrations throughout the year for the agency. On my own (or with some help when I’m crazy busy) I also pop the popcorn for Popcorn Thursdays.

Making popcorn every Thursday doesn’t seem like a big deal all on its own.  What it signifies is important, though. It demonstrates that we, as an agency, are here to enjoy ourselves while we work hard. A quick break on Thursdays to grab some freshly popped, theater-style popcorn helps us to celebrate the accomplishments of the week.  For me, it’s a quick recharge to help finish the week strong and meet whatever deadlines still remain.

Popcorn is just one of the many ways we play here at BIG YAM.  What follows is not an exhaustive list, but it provides some ideas of the variety of things we do. Some of these traditions are structured and happen because of Culture Club, while others are more organic:

  • A pushup channel on Slack – At the beginning of the year, we created a #pushup Slack channel, and several of us joined.  Whenever someone posts to the channel, we all stop and do pushups.  We usually post a gif, like the one below so we know what we’re aspiring to be.

  • Corn hole tournament.  Unfortunately, my team, “Corn Beans Toss Bags Hole,” was eliminated in the semifinals in an epic match.  Our opponents knocked what would have been our winning points off the board with their last toss and they won in the next frame.

The 2017 Bean Bag Toss Champions, YAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM

  • This guy dresses up in a costume each holiday.  Other costumes have included an elf, a turkey, a German barmaid and a Scotsman.

Seiji Bunny is just one of the great costumes we saw this year.

  • If you’re ever driving away from BIG YAM and start getting really weird looks from other drivers, you had better check to see if someone has attached a Halloween clown to your front bumper. I probably deserved this prank for hiding the same clown in a dark room to spook someone I knew would go there to get their daily Monster.  There seems to be a strong correlation between how afraid someone is of clowns and how funny a prank like this is.

Yup, that’s a clown … tied to the front bumper of my car.

These are only a few recent examples.  We’re still trying to figure out who’s building Starburst pyramids, when Kevin – our Hatchimal – is going to grow up, and where all the Gary Busey’s are hidden in our birthday posters.  Oh, and when the clown is going to strike back.All of this wouldn’t matter if we didn’t have great clients. The mix of clients we collaborate with presents us with a variety of projects and challenges so our solutions never become stale.  We’d love to discuss how we can help you have fun and achieve results, so contact us!