My Three Truths and a Lie About Design

There’s a game that I enjoy so much when getting to know someone that I just met. You’ve probably heard of it — three truths and a lie? If you know the premise of this game, just skip to the bullets below so we can get started. If you’re not familiar, the point of the game is to list three truths about yourself and one lie, in random order. The catch? You have to guess which statement is the lie.

Ready to play? Here are my four statements:

  • My own family member dissed me over a $250 logo.
  • I starred in a design podcast and it is out in the world for everyone to hear.
  • My high school infamously made the news by catching a Texas football team’s attention.
  • I personally met Chris Do when I attended the Adobe Max conference in 2018.

Designing for Family Can Be Weird

I was told by one of my favorite professors at Grand Canyon University, “If you like your family, don’t design for them.” I was puzzled by her statement because … wouldn’t you design for your family if you liked them? That’s a silly rule, right? Wrong. There was truth behind that statement.

I won’t say who, obviously, but a family member came to me last year asking me how much I charged for a logo. I felt bad since it was family, so I WAY undercharged them. One whole logo design and I only asked for $250. Weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything back, so I made a phone call. Bad mistake! After the, “Hey __, how’s it goin’ bro!?” talk, I jumped right into it with, “So, did you want to go ahead and start the logo?” Long story short, he said he was expecting to pay only like $80 and that my price was pretty steep. Since then, the relationship has been so weird! Save yourself the most awkward call of your life and follow my teacher’s advice!

So, true story? I hate to say it, but yes – this is one of my unfortunate truths! (insert laughing crying face emoji)

I’m a Podcast Star! Or Am I?

In case you didn’t already know, I love learning about design in my spare time. Literally whenever I can. My life is pretty busy, though, so the best way to achieve this is through listening to design podcasts! One of my favorites is called Resourceful Designer, hosted by a Canadian graphic designer named Mark Des Cotes. For anyone wanting to learn more about design, I recommend giving it a try!

In just about every episode, Mark typically answers one listener’s design question. These questions can range anywhere from, “How much do you charge for a logo?” all the way to, “What are the top 10 red flags of a difficult client?” A few episodes in, I decided to ask him a question, opting to email him later that day. Low and behold, the very next week, he mentioned my name and read my email verbatim when his new episode released!

So, what do you think, was this story a truth or a lie? Oh, it was a truth! I totally gleamed when he thanked me for my question, which he completely demystified. Thanks, Mark!

My High School Made the News This Year for a Really Bad Thing … Or Did It?

“Almost six years later, recently graduated from college, I saw my high school plastered on the news. The Texas Longhorn football team was threatening to sue the school for design plagiarism! (PULL QUOTE)

I was in yearbook for both my junior and senior years in high school. Fun fact: had it not been for this class, I probably wouldn’t have gone to college to become a graphic designer. Back then, I didn’t even know what a graphic designer was!

Anyway, I remember one day asking my yearbook teacher for the school logo for a page I was designing. He hesitated, then laughed and told me that we didn’t really have one. But he said that if I just looked up the Texas Longhorn logo, I could use that. After he walked away, I searched for that logo online, my screen flooding with the logo for the Texas Longhorn football team.

Mind you, back then, I didn’t know there was such thing as plagiarism in design. However, something still made me feel uneasy to use this, so I decided to design the page without using the borrowed logo. Almost six years later, recently graduated from college, I saw my high school plastered on the news. The Texas Longhorn football team was threatening to sue the school for design plagiarism – thank goodness I trusted my gut and didn’t use it in my design!

Truth or lie? It’s crazy, but true! Moral of the story — don’t steal people’s work.

I Said Hi to the One and Only Chris Do … Right?

First of all, if you love design and crave learning as much as you possibly can, do yourself a favor and attend Adobe Max. A few amazing graphic designers that made it to the 2018 conference included:

If you made it this far in my blog, you know actually meeting Chris Do was a lie. Congratulations if you guessed right! But honestly, it’d be so neat to get to meet Chris Do or any of these designers someday.

Why do I want to meet Chris Do? He is an absolutely brilliant graphic designer and businessman. All graphic designers would greatly benefit from his online content. He also has an awesome YouTube channel that I often binge watch. Chris’s content there has taught me so much about design. To say that he is a design genius is truly an understatement.

Did I mention that our agency is full of geniuses, too? Don’t believe me? See here for yourself! And thank you for reading my blog, lies and all.