Teaming Up: Digital Advertising and Hubspot for Sales Success

One of the more popular customer relations management (CRM) systems for organizations is Hubspot, and for good reason. It allows a company’s sales team to track leads and keeps them moving through the sales “pipeline” towards the end goal: a sale. By itself, Hubspot provides a lot of value for businesses that depend on a constant stream of new business. But it also integrates well with online advertising platforms, including Google Ads.

CRM Integration

By using the Hubspot Ads add-on, you can finetune your Google advertising in ways that aren’t possible without integrating your CRM with your pay-per-click advertising. For campaigns with a goal of generating sales leads, AdWords is configured to count each lead form generated after a click on an ad as a “conversion.” While this allows for optimization towards more leads generated at a lower cost, your sales team knows that not all leads are of equal value. That’s where HubSpot helps further optimize your digital advertising.

The Data

Hubspot tracks important data about potential customers, like:

  • The search terms you used in Google search that led them to your website
  • The specific ad they clicked on
  • Which pages on your website they’ve viewed

This is a wealth of information stored about each lead that comes in. When leads start to turn into sales, you can mind that data for valuable information. Patterns will start to emerge, giving feedback on things like:

  • Searches that turned into sales
  • Which search terms led to the highest value sales
  • The kinds of ads that were the most effective in bringing in those sales

As long as the sales team enters the value of each lead into Hubspot as each sale occurs, you can use that data to augment those parts of the Google Ads campaigns that result in deals won. Parts that don’t result in sales can also be pared down or eliminated. The result is more efficient digital ad campaigns that cost less and produce more of the valuable leads the sales team is looking for.

Beyond AdWords

There’s another great use for all the information being compiled in Hubspot. Once you collect more than 1,000 contacts that have turned into buying customers, it’s easy to use that data to drive even more efficient advertising. Facebook, YouTube and Google Ads can all leverage your customer list and serve ads to your current customers to remind them to buy more (or similar) goods and services.

More importantly, you can expand your customer base. Each of the online platforms mentioned above allows you to use your customer list to advertise to prospects who have the same characteristics as your current customers. This form of advertising uses “lookalike audiences.” This is because they closely match the demographics, professions or other traits that would likely make them good candidates for your product or service.

Your Digital Advertising Resource

The bottom line is that Hubspot and other CRMs can help you gather and use data to drive advertising efforts that are far more fruitful than anything you’ve tried before. BIG YAM has expertise not only with traditional and digital advertising – we also possess the knowledge to help you use Hubspot and other CRMs to expand your business in new and exciting ways. If you’d like to discuss how we can help you, contact us today and we will be back in touch with you tout de suite!