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Top Graphic Design Trends for 2019

Creative Team / 2.7.2019

Even though we’re only a short time into this year, we are already seeing some graphic trends for 2019 starting to develop. As creative advertising junkies, here are the trends that have us the most excited.

Time to Get RADICAL

Shanley Jue – Creative Director

One of the graphic design trends for 2019 that caught my eye is embracing the radical, as detailed by consumer and design trend forecasting group Scarlet Opus. The idea is that people are ready to embrace designs that “challenge, disrupt, revel and deconstruct the rules of the norm.”

According to Scarlet Opus, this trend is a, “response to the established certainties that have been challenged in recent years, for example geographic borders have been questioned, social inequality and intolerance amplified, mega threats heightened and ultimately trust has been corroded.” Read more: https://www.scarletopus.com/2018/11/sneak-peek-2019-design-trend-for-interiors-radical/

As creative advertising junkies, these are the graphic design trends for 2019 we're the most jazzed about.
Images – Headshot by Tony & Guy, Background mural wall by Camille Walala, Styling by Creative Studio Cocolia Kitchen by Sustainable Kitchens

Hello, Humanity

Josh Schweser – Senior Graphic Designer

This Medium article has some things that get me excited. Overall, it talks about the pendulum swinging back away from the sterile, flat design of our digital spaces and welcoming more warmth and humanity. Time to bust out the old paint brushes? One quote that hit home was, “I think the world needs a little authenticity. So that we might be reminded that behind all of these pixels…are people.”

As creative advertising junkies, these are the graphic design trends for 2019 we're the most jazzed about.
Photos by Charlie Gray. Style focuses on warmth and approachability.

Complexity on the Rise

Audry Seay – Graphic Designer

We’re seeing a lot of color trends in 2019. I especially love how complex the duotones and gradients are becoming as designers look for new ways to incorporate them into their designs. Bright pops of color and eclectic colors are becoming more popular now as brands are trying to stop your finger from scrolling past their posts.

Check out this great article from Venngage for other 2019 predictions: https://venngage.com/blog/graphic-design-trends/

As creative advertising junkies, these are the graphic design trends for 2019 we're the most jazzed about.
Image – Infographic from Venngage

Aspect Ratio Fluid

Marlo Calvert – Senior Graphic Designer

One design trend we already enjoy is that we are no longer locked into a 16:9 aspect ratio for video spots, because of the advertising opportunities spreading across digital platforms. As more and more people view most of their content on smartphones, it becomes a “new way to look at the world,” said Sarofsky Creative Lead Duarte Elvas. He also said that, “I have found this to be a significant change that requires a new approach from a design standpoint. One that we need to consider and be aware of from the concepting stage … relying more on procedural graphic languages and guidelines rather than on individual frame compositions.”

I found this HOW article really insightful in breaking down this trend further: https://www.howdesign.com/design-creativity/design-inspiration/graphic-design-trends-2019-predictions/