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3 Ways to Improve Your Google Keywords Quality Score

Digital Marketing Team / 3.15.2017

As part of any AdWords Campaign, it’s important to regularly check your Google Keywords Quality Score to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your advertising buck. This score is a number from 1 to 10 that Google assigns to each of your keywords and the higher the number, the better. High-quality scores mean you pay less for each click on your ads, and the easier it becomes for your ads to show in higher, more prominent positions.

Make Sure It Matches

The first and most important factor for any AdWords campaign is being super selective in picking out exactly the right keywords that are relevant to potential buyers, whether they are starting their research on a purchase or ready to buy right now.  To do that you need to put yourself in the mind of potential customers to try to understand what sort of search queries they’ll be typing into Google when they are looking for your services. A lot of research and thought should go into your initial keyword list. Secondly, you must make sure that the ads are relevant to all the keywords within an ad group. That means very tightly-themed groups of keywords.

Synonyms Are a No Go

Relevance for keywords also means that words that you normally think of as synonyms, like “lawyer” and “attorney” belong in different keyword groups. That way, when someone searches for a “malpractice lawyer,” the ad that displays will refer to a “malpractice lawyer” rather than a “malpractice attorney.” You might ask if that really makes a difference – and the answer is an absolute YES! Searchers are a lot more likely to click on an ad that exactly matches what they’ve searched for, even if there is a word that means the same thing. So, rearrange those ad groups and create new ads if necessary.

Prepare for Landing

The third “relevance” in our quest for higher quality scores is landing page relevance. Make sure that the page that the ad points to uses the exact terms that are in your keywords and has good, useful information for the searcher. Google actually scans your landing page to ensure that it is relevant. The greater benefit of ensuring the web page is relevant is that those who come to your web site will have their questions answered and are much more likely to buy from you, or at least give you a call.

Successful AdWords campaigns are well-thought out, with strategy and planning playing a key role in avoiding costly but predictable mistakes. By following Google AdWords’ best practices before your campaign is even launched, you will save time and money, and even give yourself a greater leg up on the competition. BIG YAM is an official Google Partner Agency and is ready to help you on the road to pay-per-click advertising success. Send us an email to start today!