A Beginner’s First Impression of Facebook Business Manager

As is the case with all successful media platforms, Facebook is constantly changing. As a proud millennial and a dedicated Facebook user since 08’, I can confidently say that I have adapted fairly well to the social network’s evolving features.

Evolution Over Time

How much have our Facebook profiles and timelines progressed over the last decade? Can anyone honestly remember Facebook’s structure from 2010? Do you remember when it was called “The Facebook”?

I can’t be the only user who is guilty of complaining each and every time Facebook has had a makeover. Or of shortly thereafter forgetting what used to be the norm.

Today, Facebook is home to over 2 billion users. It has since dropped the “The” and expanded its audience from solely college student demographics to everyday web users, celebrities, public figures, businesses and more. We can access our timeline from our smartphones, tablets or our computers. Users can receive notifications without even opening up our account.

So, you get it – Facebook has evolved and has taken on a life of its own. So what?

Amid writing this post I thought just that – so what? And then it registered – Facebook’s progression has evolved a bit differently than any other platform.

The “So What” of Facebook’s Evolution

As advertisers, the internet has given us the power to reach consumers far more quickly and efficiently than print advertising ever did. Digital advertising was once seen as the salt and pepper that you could sprinkle on top of your traditional marketing efforts. It has now become the main course of action.

Alongside Google, Facebook has helped mold today’s online advertising world. And this is the point where I shamelessly admit to a social network having a significant impact on my life.

I’ve been working in the media industry since graduating in 2015 from The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. Upon recently starting a new role as the “Digital Media Specialist” here at BIG YAM, I was fairly confident in my ability to navigate anything and everything social media. And then I met Facebook Business Manager.

My “Meet Cute” with Facebook Business Manager

If you thought the Facebook makeover of 2011 was hard to pilot, try steering your way through Business Manager. As a newbie to the Facebook Ad world, I’ll admit it was a bit intimidating. Like anything new, there has been a significant learning curve. I’ve made some mistakes, hit a few wrong buttons and probably missed a turn or three along the way. However, just like every Facebook update in the past, I’ve adapted just fine.

After just touching the surface I’ve learned that Facebook Advertising really isn’t scary at all. The sophistication of the advertising platform is built to make life as both a marketer and a business owner much easier. As a Facebook user, I used to scroll through my news feed and assume that every ad I saw was strategically placed on my timeline to encourage a purchase. Although making money is great, I’ve learned there are other measures of success that are just as if not more important to track. Brand awareness, product engagement and page “likes” are just a few bullet points on a long list of digital media conversions that are vital to business growth and success.

Being a millennial, I have gone through each and every Facebook growing pain. I complained when Facebook made itself accessible to more than just the college population. I complained when my Homepage was reformatted to an unfamiliar view. At some point over the last ten years, I stopped grumbling at each and every update. I instead have taken on a role with “Facebook knowledge” listed in the job description. Facebook is no longer just a way for me to connect with my classmates. It has instead become a skill set for my resume. I have a lot of Facebook advertising left to learn but judging by my previous ability to quickly adapt, I’m confident that Facebook Business Manager and I will become well acquainted.

You Too Can Get Over the Facebook Hump

OK – Facebook rant almost over. I’m going to assume if you’ve stuck around this long that you too might have experienced the ups and downs of Facebook’s rise to stardom. If you think you’ve finally got the social network figured out, I challenge you to expand your knowledge. Although you might not be in the business of advertising, we’re all in the business of spending money – and if you’re not, please teach me your ways.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to gain insight into why your Facebook timeline seems to be pressuring you to buy those shoes you looked at a while back? Facebook is (no pun intended) an open book. The ad policies, algorithms, targeting strategies and more are available to everyone and anyone who is interested.

Facebook Blueprint is a great place to start. Blueprint is a training tool that allows users to either start from the beginning with a tailored path of courses or jump around if you already know a thing or two.

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