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3 Essentials to Branding Your Values

Brand values need to be aligned with customer values before a brand can be in their consideration. This is called values-based marketing.

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ABCs of Creating a Strategic Marketing Communications Plan

Developing a strategic marketing communications plan is paramount for any brand. Here's how to get started!

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Which Marketing Metric Is More Effective — ROO or ROI?

When attempting to justify brand storytelling, it's important to frame the conversation around ROO instead of ROI. Here's why!

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Top 2019 Public Relations Trends & Predictions

Looking ahead to the exciting year to come, here are a few of our predictions for 2019 public relations trends.

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Creating Reporting that Resonates with Social Media Clients

But when it comes to social media reporting, not all reports are created equal. In the last two years, I’ve

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Brands & Cultural Sensitivity

Ads Under Fire Last year, Dove released ads featuring women of different origins removing their shirts to reveal a new

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How to Plan an Integrated Marketing Campaign

We see certain consumer behaviors today that further emphasize the need for integrated campaigns. For example, when consumers are exposed

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Media Planning and Budgeting 101 (Show Me the Money!)

Just like buying a house in the example above, there are a lot of questions you need to answer before

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Focus Groups: The Perfect Addition to your Research Tool Box

Focus groups can be a great way to learn about a target demographic or potentially discover that who you thought

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Women Buy All the Things

Globally, women control about $20 trillion in consumer spending, with $7 trillion spent by women in the U.S. alone. That’s