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Real Estate Marketing Is Emotional

Here's how we get people from the fleeting fantasy of the first look at a real estate ad to taking the next step with sincere intent.

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Communications – So Much More Than Grammar

A career in communications is more than simply relaying information; it’s all about the ability to form meaningful relationships.

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Top 2019 Social Media Trends to Watch

Increase the efficacy of your digital marketing efforts this year by taking advantage of these predicted social media trends for 2019.

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Creating Reporting that Resonates with Social Media Clients

But when it comes to social media reporting, not all reports are created equal. In the last two years, I’ve

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8 Tips for Facebook Live Success

With any type of live video, there are certain challenges. Here are eight tips for Facebook Live success. #1 Formulate

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A Beginner’s First Impression of Facebook Business Manager

Evolution Over Time How much have our Facebook profiles and timelines progressed over the last decade? Can anyone honestly remember

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How to Plan an Integrated Marketing Campaign

We see certain consumer behaviors today that further emphasize the need for integrated campaigns. For example, when consumers are exposed

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The Social Media Platforms You Should (And Shouldn’t) Be On

Where Does Your Brand Fall? Too Many Social Media Platforms Companies often fall into the “too many platforms” trap, because

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The Acrobatics of Successful Social Media Marketing

Begin with the Basics Wouldn’t it be nice to start gymnastics today, then step right onto the Olympic stage, perform

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3 Steps for Planning a Successful Holiday Social Media Strategy

So, sometimes we social media managers fall into the habit of taking our jobs one day at a time. This