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How to Create a Crisis Communications Plan

It's paramount for every organization to create a crisis communications plan. Here are the two, main steps for creating a plan for your brand.

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Communications – So Much More Than Grammar

A career in communications is more than simply relaying information; it’s all about the ability to form meaningful relationships.

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5 Tips for Building Strong Relationships with Media

As PR pros, we’re constantly working with media as we try to pitch our clients’ stories. Here are a few tips to help get yourself (and your client!) on a reporter’s good side.

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Tools for Measuring Success in Public Relations

Measuring success for public relations and social media efforts can be tricky. Here are a few handy tools our team uses on a daily basis.

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Top 2019 Public Relations Trends & Predictions

Looking ahead to the exciting year to come, here are a few of our predictions for 2019 public relations trends.

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Thought Leadership in the Digital Age

I tell myself that as a communications professional, I need to keep up on current topics and trends. You know

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These are a few of my favorite memes

But at times, I just can’t find the right words to fully express myself. Sometimes, only a meme will do.

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Everybody Needs Media Training. Yes, That Means You.

Discomfort caused by public speaking can impact even the most seasoned executives. More than just giving a speech, we find

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6 Misconceptions About Public Relations

Public Relations Is Glamorous Society has painted a portrait of PR pros since the beginning of time as partygoers and

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There’s No Storytelling Without a Story

One of the biggest buzzwords in corporate America today is storytelling. In fact, I recently read about a trend in