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Google AdWords Features 2017

Google keeps these exams current, testing on all the latest changes to AdWords. This includes new features, campaign management and

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How to Plan an Integrated Marketing Campaign

We see certain consumer behaviors today that further emphasize the need for integrated campaigns. For example, when consumers are exposed

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Advertising Jargon – What Does It All Mean?

8 acronyms or terms that can help clients ease into marketing conversations with Phoenix advertising agencies.

Digital Marketing

5 Essential Tune-up Tips for AdWords Campaigns

If your business is running a search campaign on Google, how can you be sure you’re getting the most out

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3 Ways to Improve Your Google Keywords Quality Score

How do you get higher quality scores? Three words: relevance, relevance and relevance! Make Sure It Matches The first and

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YouTube TrueView Ads: Are They Right for You?

You Should Consider Advertising on YouTube. Here’s Why. On YouTube, there are plenty of opportunities to advertise – 300 hours

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Paid Search Advertising – A Powerful Tool

This ability to advertise to potential buyers throughout the entire sales funnel is unique to paid online search advertising. You

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Warm Up Your Leads With Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads – What Are Those Exactly? First, let’s define what retargeting is. Retargeting is the process by which ads

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Should I Choose PPC or SEO?

Digital Marketing Terms Defined PPC advertising is simply defined as online advertising that costs the advertiser every time a click

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YAM Nuggets – The Importance of a ‘Personal Touch’ & Mobile Optimization

Public Relations – Lack of Compassion, Personal Touch Diverts Delta’s Response to its Recent Flight Issues Delta Airlines was forced