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Marketing and the Search for Aliens

Not sure how many people are in your target audience? Utilize mathematical equations developed by the folks at S.E.T.I. in your digital marketing planning.

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This Minimalist Site Migration Checklist – Essential for SEO Preservation

Some claim that the phrase “minimalist site migration” is a negligent oxymoron. I respectfully disagree.

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Understanding the Relationship Between Brand Awareness and Search Engine Optimization

There are many ways to get to know your client’s brand, but these are a few of the strategies I find most helpful when taking on a new client and applying SEO.

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Digital Marketing and the Emergence of Deep Specialization

Deep specialization – the difference between performance and outperforming the competition in the digital marketing space.

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7 Facebook Ads Strategies for the Holidays

To stand out from the herd, check out these seven Facebook ad strategies for the holidays.

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6 Tips on Creating Facebook Ads

To better optimize your campaigns, here are six tips on creating Facebook ads.

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Top Digital Marketing Tools in 2019

With the digital landscape constantly changing, we as marketers must maintain a pulse on the essential digital marketing tools in 2019 needed to elevate our clients to the next level.

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The Importance of Local Search Engine Optimization

With businesses popping up locally every day, it is crucial to ensure your company is showing up when users are searching for local topics related to your business.

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Thought Leadership in the Digital Age

I tell myself that as a communications professional, I need to keep up on current topics and trends. You know

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Teaming Up: Digital Advertising and Hubspot for Sales Success

CRM Integration By using the Hubspot Ads add-on, you can finetune your Google advertising in ways that aren’t possible without