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When It Comes to Designing Websites for Mobile – I’m All Thumbs

That’s right, I said it. We were all thinking it, but someone had to say it. For a millennia, artists’


How Skateboarding Led Me to Become a Software Engineer

Skateboarding requires you to constantly shift and finetune your skills, much like the job of a software engineer. Having a


Can You Crack the Code?

A Few Terms You Should Know Before we get to the code though, let me explain some elements of the


WordPress is Growing Up

WordPress’ place in the world. WordPress is a widely used CMS that perfectly fills a niche for businesses of all


How to Customize the Kentico CMS

Here are some ideas on how to customize the Kentico CMS, with examples taken from our work with client Parsons


How to Make an Editable Website

Empowering Our Clients A CMS simplifies updating websites so that those without coding experience can make changes. The trick is


4 Reasons Why Brands Should Use CRM Integration

What is a CRM? A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is an invaluable tool for most businesses, small or large. A

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5 Tips for Crafting Better Responsive Websites

 Involve your entire team in the process Test with real content as soon as possible Don’t focus on specific device

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Advertising Jargon – What Does It All Mean?

8 acronyms or terms that can help clients ease into marketing conversations with Phoenix advertising agencies.


Responsive Websites and the Internet of Things

While these new innovations are certainly exciting, the inclusion of a browser on so many non-standard devices poses an interesting