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Long-Form Content is Your Brand’s Friend

Since long-form content is so much more work than short content, why should brands make the extra effort? Here are just a few of the brand benefits of long-form content.

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Understanding the Relationship Between Brand Awareness and Search Engine Optimization

There are many ways to get to know your client’s brand, but these are a few of the strategies I find most helpful when taking on a new client and applying SEO.

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7 Facebook Ads Strategies for the Holidays

To stand out from the herd, check out these seven Facebook ad strategies for the holidays.

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Lessons on Storytelling from the Masters

I kept hearing about this book, “The Storytelling Edge,” by Contently’s Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow. I gave it a try … and have been inundating all of my friends, family and coworkers ever since with all the great information inside.

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Top 2019 Social Media Trends to Watch

Increase the efficacy of your digital marketing efforts this year by taking advantage of these predicted social media trends for 2019.

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A Blog on Blogging – Part II

Keys to Blogging Success As mentioned in Part I of this series, blogging isn’t something that you just throw onto

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A Blog on Blogging – Part I

A brand blog is a unique tool, with a specific purpose – it’s not just a simple task to assign

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What to Consider When Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Different than invasive and borderline stalker-ish social media ads (seriously, I swear Facebook is listening to conversations) that follow you

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How to Plan an Integrated Marketing Campaign

We see certain consumer behaviors today that further emphasize the need for integrated campaigns. For example, when consumers are exposed