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Hope for Haiti: Revitalizing a 30-Year-Old Brand

The greatest pleasure in what we do here at BIG YAM is connecting with people and causes that do real good in the world.

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Plenty of attorneys care about their clients and want to help them win settlements to bring them justice and peace of mind. No, really! Okay, well, there’s one for sure.

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How to Brand a Niche Professional Services Firm

When a logo can represent its brand in a meaningful and effective way, it serves as the perfect, first touchpoint between the brand and its target audience.

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3 Essentials to Branding Your Values

Brand values need to be aligned with customer values before a brand can be in their consideration. This is called values-based marketing.

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Expressing Brand Character Online

The great literary poet Arthur Fonzerelli once said (plagiarizing the slightly lesser known Socrates) “Know Thyself.” It’s a simple truth – know who you are, inside and out.

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I Learned One Thing at SXSW

To be successful, brands need to connect on an emotional level with their consumers.

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Brand Storytelling is Truth Telling

Brand storytelling can be the silver bullet that propels your brand into the hearts and minds of your target audience.

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Logo Design – The MasterCard Rebrand Twitter is buzzing about MasterCard’s new logo, designed by the Pentagram team under the direction