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Client Relations Series: How to Make Your Client Look Good

What do all clients want? To demonstrate that they are having a positive impact on their organizations.

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Sky Kids Takes Flight

Three airports, dozens of planes and pilots, hundreds of volunteers and donors — all for an amazing cause. We were all in it together, and our agency couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

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Long-Form Content is Your Brand’s Friend

Since long-form content is so much more work than short content, why should brands make the extra effort? Here are just a few of the brand benefits of long-form content.

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Client Relations Series: Successfully Managing Client Expectations

In this second installment of our Client Relations Series, Account Director Lynn Lewis breaks down a few of the main tools and resources that enable us to manage expectations to ensure both clients and staff members have the tools they need to be successful.

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Peace, Love and Holiday PR

Plan early, and for all holidays Keep in mind that Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t the only holidays that can generate


How to Vet an Advertising Agency

How can a company put their faith in any one advertising agency? There are two overarching principles that we work by – experience and expertise.

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Marketing and the Search for Aliens

Not sure how many people are in your target audience? Utilize mathematical equations developed by the folks at S.E.T.I. in your digital marketing planning.


Client Relations Series: Developing Trust With New Clients

In this first installment of our Client Relations Series, Account Director Lynn Lewis breaks down the ins and outs of developing trust with new clients.


Marketing Industry Conferences – How to Have the Best Time Ever

Here is what you need to know before attending your first multi-day conference.

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This Minimalist Site Migration Checklist – Essential for SEO Preservation

Some claim that the phrase “minimalist site migration” is a negligent oxymoron. I respectfully disagree.