BTS of the PXG 0811 GEN2 Drivers Commercial

When serial entrepreneur Bob Parsons envisions something, he and the members of his team always find a way to make it happen. So, when he asked his engineers at Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) to make a golf club with the power and aesthetic of an American muscle car, the PXG GEN2 Woods were born.

As the integrated advertising agency for Mr. Parsons’ family of companies (YAM Worldwide),  BIG YAM, The Parsons Agency had the unique challenge of creating a PXG commercial that featured the excitement of muscle cars without overshadowing the main point of the messaging – to celebrate the release of new golf clubs.

We used Mr. Parsons’ personal muscle car for the shooting of this commercial.

The Raceway Shoot

Armed with a stunt driver, a 20’x100’ blue screen and a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (Mr. Parsons’ personal car), we burned the midnight oil and thoroughly destroyed a foursome of tires filming the car until three in the morning. We captured the main portion of the commercial at the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park under the direction of Director Brian Kelly and Producer Jason Allread. The end result was great footage of the Hellcat that would later be combined with, and balanced by, footage of the PXG pros.

Good thing we could find such a long blue screen!

The Pros

Shooting the players presented a major logistical challenge, since we had 16 PXG Tour Players  to photograph and videotape – including Zach Johnson, Lydia Ko, Pat Perez, Anna Nordqvist and Billy Horschel – over the limited space of three days. Thankfully, we were able to use all three studio spaces and the team at SNEAKY BIG, a production facility in Scottsdale located just down the street from PXG Headquarters. For still photography, we flew out LA-based photographer Scott Council, knowing that we would need to get as many assets as possible while we had the players in-house.

To capture the raw energy of the players’ swings, we actually had them strike real balls when we were filming, instead of having them just pretend to swing. This was done indoors on SNEAKY BIG’s 4,000-sq-ft sound stage. Needless to say, this shoot kept the entire crew on its toes.

It was “duck and cover” in the studio as we were filming the pros take real shots.

The PXG Commercial

While all of the players did an amazing job, PGA Tour Player Billy Horschel was ultimately chosen to be the face of the campaign.

For music choice, we selected “Habanera” from Carmen’s Bizet. Why? Umm, have you listened to it? We challenge you to find a song that better encapsulates the explosive power you feel when you hit your golf ball with a PXG 0811 GEN2 driver.

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