5 Advantages of Agile Web Development

“Agile” is a buzzword that’s often thrown around in tech. It refers to a methodology or way of doing work more efficiently. A tell-tale sign of an organization that’s doing Agile “correctly” will deliver websites or applications with the following, positive traits.

Building What’s Most Valuable

There will always be more features to build than time to build them. Prioritizing items and being focused helps organizations build only what will provide the most value. Build incrementally and review things constantly — this helps keep projects on track. It also prevents you from building something that was considered vital at the beginning of a project that really wasn’t important after all.

Increased Transparency

Having processes in place to increase transparency helps everyone involved know the progress of individual tasks and the project. This leads to less time wasted on asking about how something is coming along, bringing about more uninterrupted work on those tasks. Roadblocks become visible earlier. The sooner those blocks can be resolved, the less of an impact they can make to slow things down.

More Accurate Estimates

By breaking down tasks to smaller pieces and comparing the effort needed relative to other items, estimates can be more accurate. While still not exact, it becomes easier to forecast timelines and figure out when different pieces of a project can be delivered.

Only Work on What’s Ready

At any given time, it’s important to know what’s truly ready to be worked on – which designs need to be finished and which are ready to be reviewed by the client. We can save time by not starting on something until it’s ready for the next step. This reduces the number of “false starts” and reworks that can plague many projects.

For example, we want to build completely finished cars, not a warehouse full of partially finished ones because we don’t know what color they are supposed to be. A partial car doesn’t provide value to someone who wants to get from point A to point B.

Always Improve Processes

By constantly reviewing what’s working and what isn’t, a team will figure out what works best for them. It’s not the end of the world if something isn’t working right, as this is viewed as an opportunity to improve and make things better. This mindset leads to more problem solving instead of blaming and complaining.

To ensure improvements are constantly being implemented, it’s important to pick only a few items to fix each time around. Trying to fix everything at the same time will lead to people feeling overwhelmed and nothing getting fixed.

But Wait — There’s More

These are only a few of the advantages of working in an Agile environment that we’ve noticed at our integrated marketing agency in Scottsdale. Other advantages include increased collaboration, a better quality of work and an ability to adapt to different scenarios.