7 Facebook Ads Strategies for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Holidays are the prime time for advertising on Facebook. In fact, 60% of surveyed holiday shoppers in the U.S. say that Facebook and Instagram influence their holiday shopping.

To stand out from the herd, check out these seven Facebook ad strategies for the holidays.

#1 Start planning early and end late.

While the U.S. holiday season is often perceived to occur from the beginning of November through the end of December, the reality is consumers shop from early October through early January. Don’t be afraid of starting too early! Ensure your messaging is up and ready to go by developing a social media marketing calendar to plug posts into the calendar starting in October.

#2 Schedule your campaigns in advance.

You can schedule start and end dates for each ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. Don’t worry – your campaigns won’t go live until the assigned dates as long as you schedule them properly, so there’s no risk of accidentally launching early.

Pro tip: Facebook Ads get super competitive during the holiday season, which means there are longer ad approval times. Avoid taking the risk of losing a few hours on getting your ads launched by scheduling ahead of time. If your ads get rejected, you will have time to figure out the problem and get it fixed before crunch time.

#3 Create holiday-themed ads

Connect with your audience by “winterizing” your ads to show your brand is in the holiday spirit. Additionally, highlight limited-time offers to create urgency to buy. Use phrases like “buy now before this deal expires!” or “for a limited-time only” to inspire shoppers to make a purchase sooner rather than later.

#4 Monitor your ad reports daily.

Staying on top of your ad campaign performance is essential, especially since the holidays are a short span of time. By monitoring your campaigns daily, you can pause ads or ad sets that are underperforming and focus on scaling successful ones.

#5 Create mobile-friendly ads.

Holiday shopping research on mobile is on the rise. In fact, 56% of U.S. shoppers say they use smartphones when shopping in-store during the holiday season.

Here are more, key stats on holiday shoppers:

  • 48% of holiday shoppers agree their mobile device allows them to make more informed purchase decisions during the holidays
  • 43% of holiday shoppers say they use mobile for holiday shopping because it’s more convenient than going to a store
  • 42% of holiday shoppers say they care about ordering online and picking up in store

Mobile shoppers aren’t using their smartphones just to find products. They read reviews and price-check when in store. Everything from your creatives to your ad copy to your product pages must be optimized for mobile.

#6 Target late-night shoppers.

The holiday stress is real. While there are some early birds who shop early in advance, some will wait until the very last minute. These procrastinating shoppers are known to shop online instead. Make sure to schedule your ads to appear later at night as well as during day-light hours.

#7 Advertise post-holiday deals.

Keep your customers engaged even after the holidays. Many shoppers will still shop to snag some deals. To do this, adjust the end date of your campaign to extend beyond the holiday dates, or launch a second campaign with different ad copy aimed at luring deal-seeking shoppers into making a post-holiday purchase.

There you have it. Get creative, have fun, spread the holiday cheer and, most importantly, provide value to your audience.

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