Agency Holiday Cards that You Want to Keep

We are well into December and the holidays are upon us! Even though digital media seems to have taken hold of the majority of our communication, surprisingly, the tradition of holiday cards is still going strong. When your inbox – and your actual mailbox – are filled to the brim with ads and marketing messages, it’s a welcome sight to find a hand-addressed envelope containing a pretty card.

You may be thinking that once you’ve seen a holiday card, you’ve seen them all, right? Most of them use similar colors and language, maybe with a bit of gold foil for some extra dazzle. But often, creative agencies find ways to reimagine the holiday card using none of the above. I’ve rounded up some agency holiday cards from the last several years that stand out from the rest.

Die-Cut Card

Source: Prejean Creative

These simple cards utilize minimal printing with one color ink and four, die-cut windows to create an understated, yet intriguing card. Notice the lack of green and red motifs or tacky type treatment. This card demonstrates that elegance often comes with a minimalist sensibility.

Humor From The Creatives

Source: 1331Design via Under Consideration

These cards feature a very simple design and boast witty copy and play on common design-related themes. What a great example of “less is more,” done right!

A Miniscule Christmas

Source: Lowe, Brussels

This teeny-tiny greeting card was sent out by Belgian ad agency Lowe way back in 2008. They took a light-hearted approach to addressing widespread economic struggles by creating a miniaturized version of an off-the-shelf Christmas card design.

BIG YAM Holiday Card 2015

Source: BIG YAM, Holiday Card 2015

We dug into the BIG YAM archives for this one, because it is still one of our favorites. Designer Katie Ely used real candy to create this typography feast for your eyes (and your sweet tooth).

Creativity – Not Just For Christmas

Agency holiday cards are a great way to showcase creativity, wit and range of talent, and many agencies take advantage of the festive season to flex their creative muscles. But we don’t limit ourselves to just the holidays – BIG YAM loves to do great creative work for our clients year round! Check our work from some of our favorite projects, and get in touch to find out how we can bring your brand, campaign or product to life!